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Anabelle Rondon

Great Neighborhoods

Network Director 


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Fun Fact

Home staging and interior design are among her passions

Anabelle Rondon is a strategic and passionate advocate for diverse and inclusive civic engagement driving community change. She has over 15 years of experience organizing communities to effectively engage in the creation of vibrant places policies that center the communities they will impact. Anabelle plays many roles close to her heart, all focused on the power of networks and building community. She has led extensive work in engaging, empowering, connecting and improving the network of community and civic leaders as they each commit to build, strengthen, and serve for the common good. Anabelle came to LivableStreets from the MA Smart Growth Alliance, where she directed the Great Neighborhoods Program, a platform that develops and disseminate evidence-based resources, tools and ideas to inform the actions of local activists as a means to create more livable, affordable communities that are culturally and economically vibrant in Massachusetts. Anabelle has had the privilege of serving on numerous boards and advisory committees across Massachusetts and New York City—two communities she has dedicated herself to investing in since moving to the United States from her native Dominican Republic.

Ms. Rondon earned a bachelor’s degree in business management at Cambridge College and a master’s in public administration from the School of Public Affairs at The City University of New York (CUNY).

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