Race Talk: a call for a diversified planning and community development field

By Beyazmin Jimenez & Elijah Romulus The Race Talks was a combination of ideas that has been forming from the participation of several planners and community development professionals working in the community development field. Through a monthly book club and participation in the planning of the pro-housing YIMBYtown conference, many have been working towards finding ways to better address the need for more inclusive and equitable practices in their respective fields. Taking into account the past history of racial and class segregation that has plagued the planning world through policies and intentional action, many subscribe to the thinking that the same intention must be placed to help und

A "paper wall:" how thousands of pages of plans and ordinances add up to a housing deficit

The Massachusetts Smart Growth Alliance is pleased to announce the release of “The State of Zoning for Multi-family Housing in Greater Boston,” the culmination of a two-year research project by Amy Dain that we commissioned in collaboration with MassHousing, Massachusetts Housing Partnership, Citizens’ Housing and Planning Association (CHAPA), Massachusetts Association of Realtors, Homebuiders and Remodelers Association of Massachusetts, and the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC). PowerPoint presentation by Amy Dain on her multifamily research to legislators and advocates at the State House (June 4, 2019). Executive Summary, The State of Zoning for Multi-Family Housing in Greater Bost

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